Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Smiley (2012)

Director: Michael J. Gallagher

Stars: Caitlin Gerard, Melanie Papalia, Shane Dawson

It's Ashley's first year of college.  Instead of living in the dorms, she rents a room from another female student, Proxy.  The two girls quickly become friends, and the first night attend a house party nearby of an on-line community that Proxy is a member.  Ashley gets friendly and drunk with the party members, but while there she witness a murder on this community website.  The site is a random video chat service.  Is the murder real or not, no one seems to know.  The killer is an urban legend known as Smiley.  It is based on the same principle as Bloody Mary.

Thinking that the murder as faked to prove themselves right the two girls decide to try it for themselves.  After picking a random person, Smiley shows up behind the person and stabs them to death.  Ashley goes a bit crazy, and Proxy is not dealing with her well.  Smiley comes after Ashley in real life.

I'm not going to spoil the movie, and that is not hard to do.  The movie is not terrible, but it needs some work.  I'm just glad it is something new added to the horror genre and not the same old tired plot.  The ended was pretty good, and yes, there is going to be a sequel.  What movie doesn't get a sequel nowadays. Watch if you must.  The movie runs a bit slow.

 Smiley (2012) Trailer

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