Friday, February 24, 2017

It's Alive (2008)

Director: Josef Rusnak

Stars: Bijou Phillips, James Murray, Raphaël Coleman                         
Lenore Harker, Bijou Phillips, is dropping her Graduate program to have a baby with her boyfriend.  Frank Davis, James Murray, is the boyfriend whom just lost his parents in a car accident and left his little brother Chris handicap.  All three people are living in Frank's parents house.  Soon after Lenore moves in the house she goes in to early labor.  At the hospital the baby kills the entire medical staff in the delivery room.  The police believe someone else was in the room that caused the killings.

Once they get their baby home, Lenore notices changes in the baby.  The baby has grown  and developed more than a normal baby should.  The baby starts getting out of the crib and eating animals alive.  When any visitor to the house shows up, they get attacked as well.

This movie is a remake of the original 1974 version.  They keep the names the same.  The one thing that they never brought up in the movie was the look of the baby.  It showed the baby's face and hands.  I do not have children, and I do not plan on it.  I have been around lot of babies, and I know what they look like.  I have never seen a baby with sharp teeth and claws.  Maybe I just haven't seen one yet.  This man looks at his baby and sees nothing wrong with the baby's appearance.  Never even makes a comment, and neither does the mother.  Her ends up going nuts and protecting the little monster from hard.

It is better than the original movie, but that is not saying much.  It has some bloody scenes but not a lot of gore or scary scenes.  That's all I!

 It's Alive (2008) Trailer

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