Wednesday, February 1, 2017

It Lives Again (1978)

Director: Larry Cohen

Stars: Frederic Forrest, Kathleen Lloyd, John P. Ryan, John Marley

Frank Davis is back and shows up at a couples baby shower to warn them that their baby is going to be like his, a flesh eating monster.  This is what ever woman wants to her.  Oh goody, my baby may eat through my crotch.  Frank informs the parents that he is positive that this will happen and a doctor and mobile birthing unit is waiting for them.   The expecting parents, Eugene and Jody Scott, make him leave, but call him when they are receiving trouble at the hospital.  They have been watched by the police to kill their 
child as soon it is born.

This woman has her baby in the back of a decked out moving truck while being driven on a LA freeway.  They say child birth is bad enough, but to deliver on the freeway that has got to take the cake.
They all go to this house to hide out where there are two other babies like they own.  Lots of talking, blah, blah, blah.  Police show up and here is where the chase and gun fire scenes start.  That is the movie, well the highlights.  Ta-dah!

You do get to see more of the "babies" in this movie than the first one, which I thought was a plus.  The first and second movie run about the same pace.  I hate the baby, but now I love it.  Oh look he scrapped that man's face then eat his neck.

It Lives Again (1978) Trailer

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