Monday, January 30, 2017

It's Alive (1974)

Director: Larry Cohen

Stars: John P. Ryan, Sharon Farrell, James Dixon                        

Frank and Lenore Davis are expecting their second child.  She goes into to labor late one night, so they couple pack their bags, drop the son off for the night, then off to the hospital.  The doctor starts to deliver the baby, but there is something wrong with the baby.  It is larger than it should be, then the baby kills everyone in the delivery room except it's mother.  The baby escapes the hospital looking 
for more victims.

A monster baby or devil baby whatever it is lives off meat tearing into its victims with its three sharp nails and vampire fangs.  The parents try to learn to deal with their "son" with the police and the research doctors wanting to take charge of the situation.

The main good part of this movie was that Rick Baker did the special effects for the movie.  It was still early in his career, but this is one of the movies that got him started.  The rest of the movie runs slow, and there is not a lot of action and killing going on.  There is a lot of chasing and gunfire, if you was to remove the demon baby from the movie, then all you would have is a low grade action movie.

This is one of those movies I liked as a kid, but now it just does not have a lot going on.  The house sets are great in the movie.  There I said something nice about it.
 It's Alive (1974) Trailer

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