Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Bite Marks (2011)

Director: Mark Bessenger

Stars:  Benjamin Lutz, Windham Beacham, David Alanson, Stephen Geoffreys

Brewster takes over his older brother's truck route for the night, since he is missing.  The trailer is filled with coffins being delivered to a funeral home.  On the way he picks up two guys that are backpacking across the country to help him stay awake for the drive.  The two men, Cary and Vogel, are a gay couple looking to fix the problems in their relationship by backpacking.  Brewster is lucky by picking these guys up because he is a closet case.  When they stop at a road side diner, Brewster watches while Cary and Vogel have sex in the bathroom.  He has to get his kicks someway.

The trailer is at the destination, but it is not a funeral home, it's a junkyard.  The rig has broken an axe, so they are stuck waiting on a mechanic to temporarily weld it together.  Now during the whole ride and while they are stuck at the junkyard, something is moving in the trailer.  It's a vampire why not.  They get to fight a blood sucker the rest of the night, if they are not killed first.

I did not have high hopes for this movie, but I will have to say that it was a good little movie.  The characters made up their own rules about vampires as the go which was something nice to see.  There are several references to older vampire films and American International that made a lot of the early horror films.  The man that played Evil in the original Fright Night movie, Stephen Geoffreys, plays the role of Brewster's older brother.

I liked the movie.  It was funny in parts, and the make-up was pretty good for a low budget gay horror movie.
Bite Marks (2011) Trailer

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