Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Roost (2005)

Director: Ti West

Stars:  Tom Noonan, Karl Jacob, Vanessa Horneff                        

This movie starts with a horror host telling the story, or somewhat telling it.  Four people are on their way to a weeding and take a back road because traffic was too heavy.  While on the back road a bat hits their windshield and they have a bit of an accident.  They decide to walk and look for a nearby house to call a tow truck.  When they get to the house no one is at home, but they look in the barn.  One by one each person is killed by bats.  You got it bats.  These bats have some power or what not because after a person is killed they come back to life to kill.

This was Ti West directorial feature debut.  For a first film it was not bad.  I guess he got the best actors that he could get and afford.  They were not very good.  The idea for the movie was kind of a take from the movie Bats with Lou Diamond Phillips. The horror host was more annoying than anything.  I understand the concept and all, but it failed.  I give them credit for making the movie.  I would not watch this movie again.
The Roost (2005) Trailer
The Roost (2005) Full Movie

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