Monday, October 17, 2016

Priest (2011)

Director: Scott Stewart

Stars: Paul Bettany, Cam Gigandet, Maggie Q, Karl Urban, Christopher Plummer

Underworld meets Matrix meets Mad Max that about sums up this movie.  The world is overrun with vampires, so the Catholic Church seeks out a select few to become priests and free the world of these blood suckers.  Once that is done the priests are relieved to go back to their lives and are offered crappy jobs as a reward.  The Catholic Church now rules the land and the people in walled and gated cities.  The vampires still want to take over, but the church does not believe that vampires still exist.  A rebel priest that has broken his vow seeks out the vampires after his niece is kidnapped by them.  The girl’s boyfriend and the priest team up to find her.  The other priests are sent to find the priest to bring him back.  The story is pretty simple, not a lot going on in that department.

The movie is all visual.  It looks great.  The opening credits have an interesting animated section that is better than the film.  In the future, why are people so dirty?  All of the people in the cities are filthy, their faces and clothes are covered, but the religious rulers are perfect.  The dresses are wrinkle free and clean.  I guess they have all of the water, but what do the people drink?  I never understood this.  The scenes in the movie are great, absolutely.  No story line at all, just lots of special effects and fighting scenes.

Priest (2011) Trailer

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