Friday, October 7, 2016

My Bloody Valentine (2009)

Director: Patrick Lussier

Stars:  Jensen Ackles, Jaime King, Kerr Smith                        

In the small mining town of Harmony, an accident causes the mine to collapse and burying 6 miners alive. The buried miners were murdered with a pickax by Harry Warden, whom was one of the miners buried. Harry lies in the hospital in a coma until he wakes up and murders his way out of there. On Valentine's Day, Harry awakes from his coma in the local hospital, and he kills twenty-two people, including a group of teenagers that are partying in the mine. Harry is killed by the deputy, but the only survivors are Tom Hanniger, his girlfriend Sarah, their friend Axel Palmer and his girlfriend Irene.

Ten years later, Tom, the son of the owner of the mine comes back to town to sell the area and close down the mine, after his father’s death. Closing the mine would destroy the town.  All of the murders start happening again and everyone puts the blame on Tom, but there is one person that believes his 
story, the woman that still loves him.

It’s Valentine’s Day and Harry has returned to get his revenge on the town and finish killing the kids who got away.

Out of all of the remakes, I like this one the best. It like this version of the movie almost better than the original one, this one is in 3-d. It is very gory with great death scenes. I do mean bloody. This one is so different than the original, I mean there is no stupid Valentine’s Day party going on, just killing. The ending is a surprise, but I won’t give it away, just watch it. I know I picked up a copy on blue ray for 5 bucks, and it was the 3-d version. The 3-D in the movie is pretty cool. Watch it!
 My Bloody Valentine (2009) Trailer

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