Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Jason X (2001)

Director:  James Isaac

Stars:  Kane Hodder, Lexa Doig, Jeff Geddis, David Cronenberg

Jason has been captured by the military to study for war soldiers.  He comes to life and kills almost 30 people in the first 20 minutes of the movie.  One brave woman puts Jason in the freezer for a long nap, but Jason stabs her through the container and they both become frozen.

The year is 2455 and the Earth is destroyed.  A young research team is sent back to Earth to find artifacts for their professor.  The professor is just in it for the money.  The group finds Jason and the woman frozen, and then they bring them both back on the ship.

The professor is all excited because he needs some cash and he wants to sell what his students found.  The professor is show hooking up with one of his students.  He is wearing a nightie and this girl is crushing his nipples with a clamp while he gets off.  You haven’t ever seen kink like this in a Friday film before.

The woman that they found on Earth is brought back to life, and she is terrified and angry that they were stupid enough to begin Jason’s body on board.  Jason is brought back to life as well, and he starts his killing spree on the ship.  The added bonus is the female android on the ship that can do it all.  She kicks Jason’s ass all over the ship.  His head gets blown off by her, so he is dead.  Not yet.  Jason falls into the machine that repairs all tissue and what is near the body.  Well, Jason is missing an arm, a leg and his head and he is surrounded by pieces of metal.

Here comes Cyborg Jason.  He is badder than ever and unstoppable.  Except for burning up in the Earth’s atmosphere, no man can touch him.  Of course where does Jason’s body or what is left of it land?  That’s right in Camp Crystal Lake. 

The death scenes in this movie are pretty cool. It took me a long time to final watch this movie.  When it came out all I could think about was Jason in spaaaaaaaccccceeee.  You know from the Muppets.

Do you think that there will be another Friday film?  They are so close to 13 that it would be a shame.  That was one of the original plans.

Jason X (2001) Trailer

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