Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Deranged (1974)

Director: Jeff Gillen, Alan Ormsby

Stars: Roberts Blossom, Cosette Lee, Leslie Carlson      

The movie Deranged is loosely based on the story of Ed Gein, the grave robber and murder from Wisconsin back in the 1950’s.  The character’s name in the film was Ezra Cobb.  The scene and most of the details were correct, but others were kind of off.

Ed Gein was a short stocky meek and quiet man, and the man that portrayed him looked like a drunken child molester.  I’m not kidding.  He was tall, thin, and old and dirty looking, just creepy.  The two murders were heavy older women, but in the movie the woman that was killed in the hardware store was a young girl.  I guess they pick her for the last scene, because no one really wants to see an old heavy woman hanging naked upside down.

During the movie there is a reporter character that shows up and fills in some of the information that was not shot.  This man is standing or sitting beside Ezra Cobb while he is cutting up or talking to one of the dead women he dug up.  It is worth watching for the bad acting and the reporter talking through the movie.

Deranged (1974) Trailer

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