Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Friday the 13th: The New Blood (1988)

Director: John Carl Buechler

Stars: Jennifer Banko, John Otrin, Susan Blu, Kevin Spirtas, Kane Hodder                      

At the end of the last Friday the 13th film, Tommy chained and killed Jason in Camp Crystal Lake.  He’s dead right, well almost.  There are still houses on the lake and a mother, daughter and the daughter’s doctor are back at the house for the weekend.  Like in the fourth installment a house next door has been rented by a group of friends that have nothing in common.  The girl, Tina, “killed” her father as a child by making him fall in the lake, and now she has help from a doctor.

Tina is telekinesis girl.  Yes folks.  She gets upset with her doctor, so she goes outside and thinks too much about her dear old dad, and Jason comes back to life.  She does not have control over her “powers”, so accidents happen all around her, when this happens it looks like she just peed or shit her pants.  I kind of wish she would have.  It would have made the movie better.

As for the kids next door, I normally do not mind the mixed group of friends that hang out, but it was taken way too far in this one.  There is a rich bitch that hangs out with a library geek.  I know it is something that really happens.  That blond bitch is just too much.  I would have punched her in the throat.  The romantic interest for Tina, Nick, the hot and hunky guy is really gay.  Only a gay guy would deal with troubled crazy.  Believe me.

Jason goes around killing everyone as always in more inventive ways.  Tina is a match for him though.  She uses her powers to throw things at him left and right and even has him fall through the stairs, which Kane Hodder, Jason, almost knocked his head off doing the stunt.
The best kill in the movie is when Jason kills the girl in the sleeping bag.  He just bashes her in the sleeping bag across a tree.

Jason’s make up looked more decayed than ever.  It’s nice to get to see Jason’s face in the films to see how each makeup artist creates the man behind the mask.  This is my least favorite of the Friday the 13th films, but I will watch it if it’s on.
Friday the 13th: The New Blood (1988)

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