Thursday, March 10, 2016

Friday the 13th: New Beginning (1985)

Director:  Danny Steinmann

Stars: Melanie KinnamanJohn ShepherdShavar Ross                         

In the fifth installed of the Friday the 13th movies, we are at a home for mentally disturbed teens that are working on being released back into society.  As always the cast of characters are a mix of personalities that are always in these movies. 

The funny fat guy who wears chocolate on his mouth the short time he is in the movie and keeps asking everyone if they what a chocolate bar.  He picks the best for last and asks a muscled angry guy chopping wood, who ends up chopping him up with the ax.  I would have done the same thing.  He was annoying.

Tommy is at this wonderful halfway house and is all grown up.  He finally got out of all of the different mental hospitals, but he still has hallucinations about Jason.  He sees him everywhere he goes which that would be torture enough, but now all of the other kids are around.   

As in all of the movies so far everyone that sees Jason dies an interesting death, and Dudley is 
running around, Arnold’s friend from Different Strokes. Remember? His character sucks just as much as when he was in the bicycle shop dittling with the old man.

Jason is not even in the damn movie.  Not once.  The killer is one of the paramedics that showed up at the beginning.  The fat kid was his son and no one said a word about it at the beginning of the film.  He just gave us a startled look.

I love this one though, don’t know why. Wait I remember why.  It was the backwoods trash that lived next them, the foul-mouthed woman with her special older son. She was funny.  I have meet people like that, and yes, I make fun of them.

Friday the 13th: New Beginning (1985) Trailer

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