Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Friday the 13th: Jason Lives (1986)

Director: Tom McLoughlin

Stars: Thom Mathews, Jennifer Cooke, David Kagen                        

Jason is back for another chapter in the Friday 13th movies, and he is even in this one. Good old Tommy is back again, but this time he plans on killing Jason for good. Are you sure about that? Tommy and a friend go to the graveyard where Jason is buried and dig up the body. It starts raining. Tommy grabs a metal pole to stick through Jason’s body. (He’s not that bright from the mental hospitals.) Lighting hits the mental pole and brings Jason back to life, just like Frankenstein’s monster. Could he not just leave it alone? Jason was died and buried in the ground, and not killing people, but no, Tommy had to prove that he is still a little crazy. When were Jason’s funeral services? I would have showed up. Did anyone show up?

Tommy goes to the local sheriff to inform him on what he just did and what happened.  The sheriff is not amused, but his daughter is.  She’s really easy.  Tommy teams up with her because her pants are too moist and wants to piss off her dad.

Jason, in the meantime, comes up on a sad group of corporate idiots trying to bond and create a team environment while playing paintball.  All die and you were glad; you know it.

Somehow a summer camp is included in this one, but no children were harmed.  The death scenes in this one were great.  The killing of the girl in the RV was the best.  There were some comedy or tongue and cheek scenes and lines throughout the movie, but it made the movie entertaining because it could have been repetitious. 

Alice Cooper even did a song for the movie.

Friday the 13th: Jason Lives (1986) Trailer

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