Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Friday the 13th (1980)

Director: Sean S. Cunningham

Stars: Betsy Palmer, Adrienne King, Jeannine Taylor, Kevin Bacon

A group of camp counselors is stalked and murdered by an unknown assailant while trying to reopen a summer camp which, years before, was the site of a child's drowning.

This is one of the horror classics that started the trend of horror sequels.  The woodsy area of Camp Crystal Lake is being brought back to life after a young boy drowns in the lake many years earlier.  So here come the Christy's to open the camp up to a whole new group.

Now all of the new camp counselors show up two weeks earlier to help get everything together.  One by one everyone gets killed by Jason’s mother.  She was there when her “special” boy died.  I just never understood why did she wait so long to do anything about it?  I guess the news of the camp opening back up must have triggered something in her head to go and kill people who are going to have sex at a camp.  The survivor did not have sex remember.

I watched this movie a year or two after it came out with my sister.  It scared me to death.  I loved it.  The surprise ending had us jumping up in the chairs.  This movie really started the whole killer jumping up when everyone thought it was over.

Friday the 13th (1980) Trailer

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