Friday, May 29, 2015

Black Christmas (2006)

Director:  Glen Morgan

Stars: Michelle TrachtenbergMary Elizabeth WinsteadLacey Chabert, Andrea Martin

Even though it was a bad movie, it was good bad.  Let me explain.  When a movie is really bad, but 
you will watch it over and over, no matter what, becomes good bad.

Black Christmas remake basically follows the original movie.  A sorority house is having their sisters murdered one by one by a psychotic killer, but this killer grew up that house as a boy.  In this version they tell more about the killer and explain why he is so screwed up.

All through the movie there was an obsession with eyeballs.  I have only seen that in one other film.  It was a great way to kill people.

Andrea Martin came back for the remake, and I was pleasantly surprised.  She is a great actress and absolutely funny.  She just is not used that much because of the new talentless sticks in movies now, but that is just my viewpoint.

The end of the film has a great scene, but I’ll let you watch it to find out.  The ending of the movie and the phone calls were the main changes that I really noticed, but watch it.

Black Christmas (2006) Trailer

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