Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Dead Silence (2007)

Director: James Wan

Stars:  Ryan Kwanten, Amber Valletta, Donnie Wahlberg

This movie is about the murder of a man’s wife, after they receive a package at their door containing a dummy. They have no idea who sent the package, but they open it anyway.  The doll kills the wife while she is home alone. The husband reports his wife’s death, and then the cop blames him for the murder. The husband looks at the package, and he sees where it came from, his hometown. He goes to see his father who he does not speak to and finds his father is remarried to a much younger woman. He finds out that his father sent him away from the town because it’s cursed by a female ventriloquist who was murder by the townsfolk for a murders she was blamed. The woman was laughed at and wanted all of those who laughed to die, and they did. The ventriloquist’s ghost is now haunting people through the dolls that she own during her life, she was buried with all of them.

Here is another movie about a dummy, and I mean a doll not a person. Ryan Kwanten, from True Blood, plays the husband and Donnie Wahlberg, from the NKOTB, plays the cop. Well they kind of team up toward the end of the film to hunt down the ghost.

I will not give away the ending.  It’s not a bad movie.  There is a lot going on during the whole film, so pay attention.  It’s worth watching. Enjoy.

Dead Silence (2007) Trailer

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